Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Alpha Next Door by FarrahB - A Review by ChrissiHR

Review: The Alpha Next Door by FarrahB

"The Alpha Next Door" by FarrahB pits an unusually fun, spunky, and out of character Bella Swan against an equally out of character and dominant Jacob Black. There's a reason "The Alpha Next Door” was nominated for "Best Jacob Black". This is the Jacob you dream about.


This is not the Jake n Bells you've come to know and love, though. It is so much better.


The Alpha, Jacob Black, and his snarky imprint, Bella, grew upnot thousands of miles and dozens of states apartbut literally right next door to each other, so close they can peer into one anothers' bedroom windows. Unfortunately, the old adage 'familiarity breeds contempt' holds true. Jacob and Bella are at each other like terriers every bit as often as they're locked at the lip in this uproariously funny and often steamy multi-chapter fic. It teeters between being seriously sexy and ridiculously campy, but in the best possible way.


It's a work in progress and updates are few and far between, but when it does get updated, it's so worth it. It's that fic for which you drop everything and read right now when the notice turns up in your inbox. You can find it on Tricky Raven at:


Enjoy and remember to review so the author knows you're reading and looking forward to the next update!